Enter The Fantasy

Romance unfettered by time and space. Everyone deserves love. Every love story deserves to be told, regardless of space, time or species. I am attempting to do that just as fast as I can type. I want all those characters clamoring around in my head to shut up! Unfortunately they seem to increase, not decrease, as I write each book.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Okay, so it's been a while since I blogged...at least on this site. But if you check out the Strictly Sirens blog you'll see me there frequently.
How are things going with me? Just fine!
Since Mercenary Heart went into publication last fall there hasn't been anything new to talk about. But now I have two new releases scheduled for February. The Keeper will be out from Midnight Showcase, and Super Hero will be released from Mardi Gras Publishing. Check out my webby www.dianemerlin.com for a little peek at what you can expect.
Then, in May Midnight Showcase will release the Merlicious vol. 2 anthology, where you can catch my tail--ah, tale--Marine Biology. All the stories involve merpeople. It's lots of fun!
Phaze will be releasing my HeatSheet I Had A Good Time in July or August, so stay tuned for that!
Well, gotta go. I have a date with Mercenary Redemption, which I hope to have completed shortly. Be looking for the anticipated sequal to Mercenary Heart soon from MGP.

Monday, September 25, 2006

New Webby; First Review

Two things to celebrate. My new website, www.dianemerlin.com, is up and running. It still has a long way to go, but I've got nothing but time, right?

I now have an official review from TMC Reviews. Dave Thompson writes:

It really doesn’t sound promising. A gang of merciless mercenaries rescues an orphaned baby from the scene of a battle, retires from the war game and settles down to play happy families. They even hire a nurse, and that introduces its own domestic difficulties, as the biggest and baddest killer of them all, Miklus Armstrong, finds himself falling in lusty love with the fetchingly newcomer. (Although it takes him 243 pages to tell her as much.)But, just as we’re settling down to watch them all play Space Family Robinson, in wade the ubiquitous mysterious baddies to snatch the baby, kill Miklus’ buddies, and catapult the ultimate odd couple into a helter skelter voyage across the cosmos, to rescue their tiny charge. And, by the time you reach the breathless conclusion, you’ve forgotten you ever had any doubts as to how the tale was going to pan out.The credit for this is almost wholly due to Merlin’s writing style. Economical without stooping to parsimony, she wastes few words, preferring to slam images and characteristics onto the page, and let the reader make of them what they will. She does trip up occasionally. The secret of great erotic writing is, bluntly, to call a spade a spade, but Merlin prefers coy euphemisms (very coy), and the accompanying dialogue is a little sticky as well. All of which is surprising because, elsewhere, conversation flows as naturally as the imagery. Thankfully, these interludes are infrequent enough that the breakneck adventure readily forgives their intrusions and, although Mercenary Heart looks the sort of book that you plan to read over a few relaxing days, you’ll probably wind up with the light on all night.

Not a GREAT review, but not bad, either. Considering I never intended Mercenary Heart to be erotica in the first place, I can live with it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Life in the way

Life has gotten in my way lately. I can't seem to keep all those plate spinning on those little poles. But I'm determined to reprioritize. Even if I have to give up sleep, I WILL make time to write at least a little every day. Blogs? Now that's another thing altogether. I'll do my best, but keeping up with my own and Strictly Sirens is eating into my blog time. Every Wednesday I'll be posting on the Siren's blog, so check out the weekly article.

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Author Who Most Influenced My Writing

I can’t remember when I couldn’t read. I know I wasn’t born reading, but it seems like it. During second grade I stumbled onto a series of books about Space Cat. It was instant love -- of the cat and the concept of science fiction. Then along about the sixth grade a visit to the local library yielded a book called Forever Amber. Wham! I was broadsided by romance! For many years I fed my love of both by alternating between the genres. When I couldn't find stories to my liking, I just created my own. It wasn’t exactly fulfilling, but it beat the alternative -- doing without.
Then, in the late eighties, I picked up a book by Jayne Ann Krentz that completely blew my mind. Sweet Starfire was a scifi book, but it was also a romance. Alleluia! I had found heaven. And if that wasn’t good enough a few months later along came Crystal Flame. My creative juices churned like a jacuzzi on crack, and they haven’t stopped since. All those stilted historicals I had been laboring over (on my ancient typewriter) went into the trash can. I was reborn as what would eventually become known as a writer of paranormal/scifi romance. Now when I sit down to write I draw on those initial feelings of wonder Ms. Krentz’ books inspired. They have led me to create Mercenary Heart, a Mardi Gras Publications release, The Keeper, due out next year from Midnight showcase, and Michael Angelo, an as yet unsold piece about a man who is half angel and half human. In addition I have several novellas due for release within the year and a number of novels under construction, including Mercenary Redemption, the sequal to Mercenary Heart.
When I reflect on my creations, I can only hope they bring the enjoyment to my readers that I experience when I pick up a novel by such authors as Susan Grant, Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon or Jayne Ann Krentz, my own personal muse.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

August 19th


August 19th from Mardi Gras Publishing

Shesshie's never been anywhere or done anything. But all that's about to change. She's taken a nice safe job in a nearby solar system. The man who owns a shipping business needs a nanny for his baby girl. Only the merchant's really a mercenary, the business is under attack and the baby isn't even really his. Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A New Beginning

I'm making a major change in my life. I'm changing my name. Diane Merlin is the chosen pen name for all my writing. I think the name is right for what I write, since SciFi and Paranormal are my normal genres. Anyone who's looking for Diane Hook need look no further...it's me!